the Academy

VELA (ve·la) n. - Candle | A guiding light.
[Spanish Origins - Feminine]

ACADEMY (ac·ad·e·my) n. - An organization established for the purpose of advancing art, science, or literature.
[Greek/Latin Origins - Neutral]

MOVEMENT (move·ment) n. - The act of changing place or position.
[English/French Origins - Masculine]

VELA ACADEMY OF MOVEMENT is a youthful, vibrant, energized adaptation of the traditional dance studio. By combining a roaring passion for dance with a fun, supportive environment, we provide an education that will spark the fire for dance, and life, in all of our students.

Our Values

- Improve personal and interpersonal well-being by educating all students on health, longevity and happiness.

- Strengthen every student's inner support system by practicing resilience and patience with supportive teamwork.

- Promote self-respect and respect for others, equally, by building self-confidence through freedom of expression.

- Create a connected, understanding community by giving back through our love of dance and performance.


the studio

Situated along Saint Johns Street in Port Moody... BC's City of the Arts, our building offers free parking and is easily accessible for those using public transit.

For address and contact information, please visit our Contact Page.

Our 2150 sq ft. space incorporates:

  • Two well-equipped studios, each consisting of sprung flooring, ballet barres and audio equipment

  • Change rooms

  • Student Lounge

  • Homework station

  • Men's & Women's washrooms

  • Waiting/Reception area

We emphasize that the waiting/reception area is not to be used for entertainment purposes or critiquing other students.
Maintaining a positive and productive environment means that, collectively, we respect the time and space of everyone - distracting behaviour and gossiping are not tolerated.

Information about our studio policies can be acquired upon registration.

We also offer studio rentals, for more information please Contact Us.